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Taxi in Bad Gastein

Taxi in Bad Gastein
We are here for you. Taxi in town to the hairdresser, to the doctor or pharmacy, to the café, to/from shopping, to/from the train station and cable car, golf course, bowling alley. After a hike, to/from a restaurant, bar/pub or a concert/event. On Sundays and holidays at church, at weddings, funerals, etc.

Taxi number +43 6434 6633

07:00 - 21:00 SMS/WhatsApp also possibly  +4367684161117

Trips to the Schwarzach hospital or LKH Salzburg or to a specialist?

Here you will find information.


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Taxi 6633 Bad Gastein.jpg

We help all guests to board and disembark.

The taxi drivers are happy to help carry the whole thing into the house/apartment after shopping in the grocery store.

If necessary, we can help with the luggage on the platform at the station and when boarding the train, etc. Of course, we will also meet you at the platform if you give us your train wagon number




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