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Taxi to a doctor or to the hospital

Are you injured?

In case of serious injuries - 

please call the ambulance - just dial 144 (ambulance) on your phone in Austria.

If your injuries are not that bad, you can take a taxi to the hospital. The driver take you to the hospital and there he can usually wait for free and then take you back. Usually ot take about 1-1,5 hours for medical examination. The he drivew you back.

You have to pay for the both ways. You will, of course, receive a receipt for the journey from your driver. Maybe you can settle the cost with your accident insurance company, if possible. The taxi ride is about 30 km,  from Bad Gastein to Schwarzach Hospital and cost about 85 - 90 euro each way depend of where you step in to the taxi. (Nov. 2022)

Taxi call +43 6434 6633

Visiting a friend or family member in the hospital?


It is also possible to visit someone in the hospital while the taxi driver is waiting for free 1,5 hour. (usually afternoon) 

Contact us! +4364346633
SMS/WhatsApp also possibly 07:00 - 21:00 +4367684161117

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